Current positions

Married, three children

living in Espoo


Tosibox Oy

Professor of practice

Aalto University


National Defence University, University of Jyväskylä, University of Tampere

Member of the World Economic Forum’s expert network
Board member

Tekir Oy, Atlantic Council of Finland, Alma and K. A. Snellman Foundation, The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK)

First vice chairman in Kokoomus Uusimaa region

board member in Tapiola’s Kokoomus


Doctor in military science
Master in political science
Officer (major, retired from active service)
Secondary school graduate, Leppävaara high school

Previous positions:

Business manager

in e.g. director of cyber security at Stonesoft and Insta Group Oy

Professional soldier for approx. 10 years

including one year as a peacekeeper in the Middle East.

Diverse range of published work

including several books. Newest books “Uhkakuvat” (Docendo) was published in 2018 together with Jaakko Iloniemi. Forthcoming book “Tulevaisuuden Suomi” together with Elina Hiltunen and Mikko Dufvan.

Chairman of student union during reserve officer course 206.